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Story • Production • Delivery

Your brand is your story. Let the world see it with high quality video delivered to your audience on whatever device they use.

We deliver fast, creative, high quality video stories about our clients to the devices that reach their audiences.

One hundred years ago, a 3-electrode vacuum tube called the Triode, kicked off a revolution in radio, telephone and television by making it possible to amplify sound. Triode is also Greek for where three roads meet. For us those three roads are: Story - Production - Delivery. Every client has a story they want to tell with the highest production quality and deliver seamlessly to audiences online, in-person or by broadcast.

We start with Story. You have an entertaining narrative to tell your audience, whether they are customers, prospects or fans. Your story is your brand.

We focus on Production. That means having the right equipment for the job. Whether that's on location with cinema gear or in the studio with broadcast gear and virtual sets. Our studio gives us a platform for high quality, repeatable programs with a fast workflow that is easy on the client.

We Deliver. That's not just the cliché of getting the job done. It means formatting the finished product to fit the location where your audience is watching. That might be on your website, on social media, at a live event, streamed on the web or sent live or to a network for broadcast.

Visit us at Triode Media Group and tour our studios. We'll tell your story to the world.

Film Production

Our 3700 square foot main stage (under construction) will feature over 100' of permanent cyc with a light grid and background lights. This U-shaped cyc will be over 50' wide and 20' high. The drivable stage can accommodate cars or trucks and long shots from over 70'. Or use our 20' crane with hot-head to get the perfect shot from above.

Virtual Sets

The world of 3-D sets permits talent to move around in realistic virtual environments. Turn your next corporate video into a news show, a talk show, a factory walk-through or a multi-guest event, all filmed in the studio with full control over lighting and sound. This virtual TV studio (opens late 2015) features the latest in broadcast technology to get your story out to the world.

Live Production

Combine our insert studio and voice-over booths to stream live voice or video to locations across town or around the globe at broadcast quality.

On Location

We can roll-up at your location with a film crew, lights and sound equipment to tell your story from your office or factory.

In Studio

The key to our infrastructure is our 9900 square foot digital media factory (opening in stages starting November 2015) with two stages, a full recording suite and live room, ISO booths and insert studio, green screen, white screen, dressing rooms, kitchen, producer's office, green rooms and a support team to help produce your program.

Green Screen

The world of virtual sets opens the possibility of filming your story in the studio while placing your talent on any set. This streamlines your workflow by reducing on-location interruptions and delays, while making it possible for us to deliver your finished product faster. Our virtual TV studio with permanent two-walled green screen cyc and lights (opening late 2015) gives us the tools to create broadcast quality shows that tell your story with creativity and energy.

Audio Recording

Create your soundtrack or voice over in a state-of-the-art recording studio (opening fully in late 2015) with master control room, live room, ISO booth and latest in Digital Audio Workstation.

Coming Soon

Our Digital Media Factory is under construction. Phase 1 opens in mid-November 2015. Phase 2 is scheduled by year-end 2015. Phase 3 will finish in early 2016. This 9900 square foot Digital Media Factory will be home to Triode Media Group Ltd. Triode is making films now on location and phasing in their studio tools and virtual sets. Sign-up now for stage time.


Highlights of our Recent Work

At risk for excellence, the young men in Bench Mark Program, work to achieve their full potential.

'Bionic Man' is the story of a table tennis athlete pursuing his Paralympic dream.

An experimental piece created without the use of special effects, color or audio corrections. The entire work was filmed on a GoPro camera using natural light and on-board audio.

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