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A Day in the Studio

with Emerald Esports and Triode

Triode has always been passionate about building up our local film community. We are excited to host two workshops that will go over career skills in video production for broadcast and live events. Emerald Esports is the signature initiative of the Emerald Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit in Lancaster, PA. Emerald has been helping underserved student communities for several years using esports as a tool to provide education and career skills to students in middle and high school. We’ve been a huge supporter of Emerald Esports, having hosted their first LAN event at our studio. 

Esports have a wide variety of skills that go hand in hand with video production. Communication, quick decision making, teamwork, and timing are all important aspects of both esports and video production. The skills that these students are learning in game will be a huge asset to them as they learn about video production during these workshops. We’re happy to relate the skills they’re using in game to practical use in video production, everything from the jargon we use to the decision process we use on set.  

Our Colossus cinema robot will be a great tool for students to learn about camera technology. We will be using our RED Gemini 5K cinema camera to record the production. We use a game controller for each of the camera movements along  the X, Y, and Z axes. The camera can pan left and right, tilt up and down,  jog forward and back, and roll clockwise and counterclockwise. We think the students will catch on rather quickly in designing camera movements with the skills they’ve already learned through esports.  

We’ve mocked up some production scenarios for the students to participate in. They’ll have hands on experience in a variety of positions from directing, lighting, camera, and even as talent. We’ll be able to go over a variety of terminology and go through a run of show as though we are broadcasting on air or live for an event at an esports tournament. Students will be able to experience our broadcast stage learning about green screen, live switching, and teleprompters and how we design shows both for livestreaming and broadcast. On our cinema stage we’ll have live music, an emcee, lighting design, and our Colossus cinema robot designing some high-speed camera movements. Our workshops are packed with a unique experience that will provide skills and knowledge to help further career opportunities  for these students. 

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