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Colossus cinema camera robot arm available for rent

Colossus, the largest robotic camera arm from Motorized Precision, is available for rent in our studios or on-site, and comes with a team of operators.  

Colossus gives you the ability to achieve complex camera movements that would otherwise be very complicated or impossible to create. 

photo of the Colossus cinema robot on the cinema stage

The Colossus camera robot arm

Fast, precise, and ready for your project. 

World’s most simple and intuitive interface for programming moves on a timeline based system with keyframes for positions and targets to lock the camera’s view and focus. 

You can fully pre-visualize your moves with full scenes of imported models. 

Rental type
Day rate with team of operators
Capable of traveling to location
Max reach
12’ high, 10’ from center, full horizontal
Max speed
19.68 ft/s horizontal, 19.02 ft/s vertical
Max payload
50 lbs
Motion capture
Compatible with Unreal Engine
  • Motion-mapping application available
  • Maximum camera payload: 50 lbs
  • Infinitely rotating roll, 125° tilt, infinitely rotating pan
  • Vertical speed 19.02 ft/s, horizontal speed 19.68 ft/s
  • Maximum height reaches 12 ft, lowest reaches 8 ft below ground
  • Maximum reach from center: 10.2 ft
  • FIZ – Focus, Iris, Zoom control
  • Intuitive interface for programming moves
  • Previz offline moves

Incorporating motion with motion

Choreographed movement combined with the mobility of the Colossus robot on display.

Amazing rotation

Your product is the star

Show it off

Take it on

Fast as you can blink

Play with the elements

What clients say about us

Evan and his team provide first class faculties and support. They make it easy to do great work.

Charlie Moger
Charlie Moger
President, Wizard of Ads

Working with the Triode team was a wonderful experience. The whole team has great chemistry and that shows in their work.

Rachel Odrosky
Rachel Odrosky
Emerald Foundation

Triode is one of our most trusted partners; we rent gear from them and film in their studio spaces on a regular basis. They consistently go above and beyond to make sure we have what we need. We couldn’t do what we do without them!

Lauren Zehr
Lauren Zehr
Producer, LampHouse

Triode is the quintessential collaborator. Over the years, they have become an invaluable part of our productions. They are more than a rental house - they are friends in pursuit of a shared goal.  They support us in serving our clients well and, ultimately, in making our best work.

Andrew Bilindabagabo
Andrew Bilindabagabo
Director and Producer, Ingoma Films
Videographer holding a video camera

Expand your toolkit. Create your vision.

Enjoy videos shot on the Colossus at Triode