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Clean Power

Powering film production with emission free, silent power.

cleangen j250 outside

Clean power

Decrease your carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. Triode offers small, medium and large battery systems (BESS  - Battery Energy Storage Systems) to reduce the use of diesel generators on set. These units are capable of providing distributed power on set for camera and lights, and delivering power in base camp. 


With the right BESS you can cleanly recharge your camera batteries with a battery, quickly move power for lights onto set - even indoors, or turn base camp into a clean, quiet oasis.  BESS can work as a stand-alone power source or in a hybrid configuration with traditional film set generators.  In each case you reduce fuel consumption, and deliver quiet, reliable and stable power. 


The transition from diesel generators to battery electric storage systems is delivering benefits today.  These units are quiet, environmentally sustainable, flexible, efficient and safe.  They save money by reducing fuel consumption and enhance your production’s compliance with alternative energy regulation. 

CleanGen J250

CleanGen J250

CleanGen is an environmentally friendly mobile power solution that is designed to power equipment and critical loads - wherever it’s needed. Providing 250kWh battery capacity, the system provides clean, uninterrupted power, free of distortions and fluctuations - all without emitting harmful CO2 into the atmosphere. 

  • 100kVA/250kWh Three Phase
POWR2 XPRO on blue

POWR2 XPRO X60.120/208

The POWRBANK XPRO energy storage system works with diesel generators to reduce carbon emissions and fuel usage by up to 80%. When used with renewable energy sources, it provides endless hours of zero-emission power.

  • 60kVA/120kWh, Three Phase
VPS 20-12 Valid Power System

VPS 20-12 Battery Pack on Wheels

Valid’s Battery Packs are changing the way equipment is powered. They offer easier ways to supply power in eco-sensitive areas while reducing the need for diesel generators and lengthy cable runs. Select the appropriate size battery for the job. 

  • 12kVA/20kWh, Single Phase

What clients say about us

Evan and his team provide first class faculties and support. They make it easy to do great work.

Charlie Moger
Charlie Moger
President, Wizard of Ads

Working with the Triode team was a wonderful experience. The whole team has great chemistry and that shows in their work.

Rachel Odrosky
Rachel Odrosky
Emerald Foundation

Triode is one of our most trusted partners; we rent gear from them and film in their studio spaces on a regular basis. They consistently go above and beyond to make sure we have what we need. We couldn’t do what we do without them!

Lauren Zehr
Lauren Zehr
Producer, LampHouse

Triode is the quintessential collaborator. Over the years, they have become an invaluable part of our productions. They are more than a rental house - they are friends in pursuit of a shared goal.  They support us in serving our clients well and, ultimately, in making our best work.

Andrew Bilindabagabo
Andrew Bilindabagabo
Director and Producer, Ingoma Films
Videographer holding a video camera

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