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Anton/Bauer Salt-E Dog

With no noise, and no pollution, Salt-E Dog helps productions to deliver on net-zero sustainability pledges and maintain quality standards without compromise.

Salt-E Dog on a street

Expand your toolkit. Create your vision.

photo of the Anton/Bauer Salt-E Dog

The Salt E Dogg

The Salt-E Dog by Anton/Bauer was designed for film and tv productions. It provides clean and portable power without the noise or pollution that can be cause by other generators. This keeps sets safer and gives more options for on-location shoots.

The 9kWh battery delivers consistent, reliable power that is cleaner and more environmentally safe than fossil fuel or lithium generators.

Rental type
Day rate, Three day week, or monthly
Capable of traveling to location

What it can Power

Gemini 2x1 Hard
18 hours at 100% output
5 Gemini 2x1 Hard
3 hours 36 min 100% output
3 hours 31 min 100% output
1 hours 38 min 100% output
3 hours 45 min 100% output
3 Creamsource Vortex 8
4 hours 32 min 100% output

The Future of Sustainable Production

What clients say about us

Evan and his team provide first class faculties and support. They make it easy to do great work.

Charlie Moger
Charlie Moger
President, Wizard of Ads

Working with the Triode team was a wonderful experience. The whole team has great chemistry and that shows in their work.

Rachel Odrosky
Rachel Odrosky
Emerald Foundation

Triode is one of our most trusted partners; we rent gear from them and film in their studio spaces on a regular basis. They consistently go above and beyond to make sure we have what we need. We couldn’t do what we do without them!

Lauren Zehr
Lauren Zehr
Producer, LampHouse

Triode is the quintessential collaborator. Over the years, they have become an invaluable part of our productions. They are more than a rental house - they are friends in pursuit of a shared goal.  They support us in serving our clients well and, ultimately, in making our best work.

Andrew Bilindabagabo
Andrew Bilindabagabo
Director and Producer, Ingoma Films