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Cooke S8/i available for rent

The most advanced Cooke lens yet, the S/8i, was designed for modern cameras to deliver the classic Cooke look covering Full Frame.

Triode is receiving the third set of Cooke S8/i in the US.  The 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 100mm,  and 135mm have arrived. Expecting the 32mm and 75mm lenses soon. Taking rental reservations for 2023.

Cooke S8/i lens on a cinema camera
Cooke S8/i lens in action

In the words of Cooke:  “Your choice of lens is not just a technical decision, it determines individuality and expresses creativity. That’s why we’ve created our new technologically advanced S8 range, to be faster, lighter, and smarter, ensuring its all-spherical design produces an evolution of our iconic and original Cooke Look.” 

See footage from these lenses on Cooke’s YouTube channel:

Cooke S8/i specifications

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