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Triode’s Rebrand with CultMethod

Sometimes a viewer from far away can help you clarify your message. Jon is in Sweden. We hired Jon to help us re-brand Triode. Our challenge was that too many clients thought of Triode as a production company more than a rental house. Time for a re-brand.

Our purpose is to help production companies win more business by providing the infrastructure to create high end videos. That’s the cameras, lenses, lights, grip gear, stages and other tools needed to expand your toolkit. We make that gear available for your production so you can focus on the creative images and storytelling.

Triode is here so you can expand your toolkit and create your vision. Our new brand reflects our vision of empowering creatives to grow by delivering equipment and working collaboratively by delivering other production services as needed. Our clients tell us they do better work when we are in the room.

We combine high-end equipment with deep expertise for production companies that need more. We serve our local film community with a vision of building Lancaster into a hub of filmmakers and travel the East Coast to serve productions where they are at. Our best work is helping assemble the gear you need to achieve your vision. Talk to us about your next project.

Lights, cameras, rent them.


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