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Truck Packages

Based in Lancaster, PA, we support productions across Pennsylvania, NYC, and the DC metropolitan area with our truck packages, which can bring you cameras, lenses, lights, grip and electric gear, camera robot arm and crew.

5-ton grip Truck

A pre-loaded but customizable rigging, lighting and grip package

Camera Robot Transport Truck

Take our camera robot to the location of your choice and let it work it’s magic.

3-ton Isuzu grip and electric package

Packed and ready for your lighting and grip needs.

2-ton grip and electric sprinter package

perfect for small commercials and music videos or documentary projects

1-ton package for indie films

A portable home base for the equipment.

500 Amp Crawford Generator

Truck mounted, getting you the power you need where you need it.

Camera / production support van

perfect add-on to your commercial and sure to make your camera team happy.

A hub connected to many spokes

You’ll find our studio and offices at the following address:

Triode Media Group
631 South Water St.
Lancaster, PA 17603

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Map showing the short distances between Triode's location and New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.
Videographer holding a video camera

Expand your toolkit. Create your vision.